You know what’s on Top!Do you know what’s inside?


Clrhires3When you use Clean Dry, your carpets will be cleaned with a Carbonated Cleaner – an innovative combination of totally safe and non-toxic ingredients. This is important because your carpets are a crucial part of your indoor environment. You would not add soaps, detergents, phosphates, or other harsh chemicals to our lakes, streams and forests, so why add them to your carpets?

The sticky residues from shampoo never really dry. Instead, they cling to every carpet fiber, actually attracting more dust and soil. Thus, shampooed carpets resoil very quickly. “Steam and water” (steam cleaning) can cause carpets to rot and mildew because of excessive drying time. And the extreme flooding of carpets so common with these methods can utterly destroy the jute backing on fine carpet. Such flooding can also damage hardwood floors beneath the carpeting, making them warp.

With Clean Dry, your carpets dry in as little as two hours and the high concentration of C02 eliminates the need for massive amounts of water used in other processes. With Clean Dry, there is no threat of shrinkage, mildew, rot, or floor damage.

One of the greatest advantages of the Clean Dry method is that it is free of sticky or dirt-attracting residues. Once soil, grease and stains are removed, the solution evaporates. Since crystal-clear C02 is the dirt releasing agent rather than soaps or harsh chemicals, there are virtually no sticky residues left in your carpets to attract dirt.

Carpets dry in a matter of minutes!!